Request Demo Making the internet
great again
Introducing Virtual Cr8tive, a virtual event platform on steroids Virtual Cr8tive View Reel
Request Demo Making the internet
great again
A virtual event platform that will have you fist pumping with excitement Virtual Cr8tive View Reel

Make Your Next Event A Global Phenomenon

Producing your next virtual event has never been easier. With our virtual studio and plethora of customizable features, our platform can truly transform your next event into an engaging and interactive spectacle. From unique branding opportunities, immersive designs and personalized content delivery solutions, your participants will be engaged from start to finish

Unlimited Presentation Designs

When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info: Our virtual sessions give your presenters all the tools needed to deliver an immersive experience in virtually any way you want. Choose from 3 presentation modes [Webcasting, Broadcasting & Pre-recorded Simulated Live]¬† and customize the widgets to your preference. The web is your oyster ūüėȬ†¬†

3D Branded Exhibitor Suites

When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info:: Allow your partners and sponsors to effectively connect with participants and attendees with multiple communication tools that mimic the real life experience. Beautifully designed 3D suites allow your sponsors to truly have brand identity. Each suite comes with badge scanning technology, so every exhibitor can expect a lucrative lead generation list for future marketing initiatives. #winning 

Rehearsal Mode

When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info:: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice. Rehearsal mode allows your speakers to perfect their delivery by rehearsing as many times as they want, so on the day of the event, they can deliver an impactful session and know exactly what to expect. Practice makes perfect! Cheesy, we know. But so true!


Social Media Integration

When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info:: We love hashtags because they look like waffles; but more importantly, creating user engagement online has never been easier. With our built in social hashtag wall, attendees can engage directly with the event hashtags and be featured instantly. Using our hashtag wall to generate engagement, contests, and building communities is a unique and strategic masterpiece. 


When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info:: Let’s face it: As informative as the sessions may be, we all know you want to meet and connect with other like minded superstars. After all, your network is your net worth. A major part of any event is the networking portion of it. It allows people to meet, engage and grow their circle of friends. Our platform fosters organic networking opportunities with multiple filters so you can curate and align the perfect group of people you want to engage with. Specify exactly who you want to network with, join a speed networking session, or simply search and message an attendee and say hello. Whatever you decide, we guarantee you‚Äôll leave any event on our platform more connected and more empowered. #DontBeAStranger

Live Polling

When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info:: Polls are a great way to engage with your audience and collect data that can help you shape your presentations or gain insight on market outlook. With our live polling tools, presenters can launch polls with a few simple clicks and collect a plethora of valuable information. 



Registration Portal 

When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info:: With Virtual Cr8tive you can do everything from registration, ticketing, and executing a virtual spectacle all with a few clicks. Our platform gives you the tools to complete your event from start to finish seamlessly, in a simple and automated fashion. 


When you hover over the service then a modal pop up appears with this info:: Success is measured, not estimated. Precise metrics allow you to gain a comprehensive overview of your event’s success. 

  • Registration Count * Exhibitor Visits
  • Polling Results * Engagement Metrics
  • Session Attendance * Downloads
  • Social Media Traction * Networking Count


Every one of my guests has texted or emailed me about the great event you put on. Excellently staged, produced and presented. Just long enough.. Great, great job.


Joseph C.

Board of Directors, Chair

U.S. Vets


Thank you so much for the wonderful partnership… The AV went so smoothly, and really appreciated your nimble switch to the looping slideshow when referenced by our speaker! I hope very much that we will have the chance to work together again.


Megan Casey. McGrath 

Director of Events and Regional Engagement

Harvard University








I thought the event was well organized, fun, and engaging. Feedback from the team was all very positive. The event was a perfect length of time, and am super happy with how it turned out.


Brandon Pritzl 

Head of HR

Fuzzy Door Entertainment











A home run again the other night, pure home run. Thank you again


Greg Facktor 








Our annual fundraiser went virtual this year and we had a very tight window of time to produce a show that we could livestream. We wanted an online experience that would show our mission to the audience in an authentic and heartfelt way. Eyal and his team came to our rescue and produced an amazing video for us- in only 6 days! The editing brought our piece together so beautifully and the streaming went off without a glitch.¬† It exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with them again in the future!‚ÄĚ


 Lisa Young 

 Executive Director 

 The Rescue Train



You made the whole event seamless and easy for us as we navigated our very first virtual event! I  will definitely be reaching out again for all future virtual events and shows!


From the beginning, starting with the initial planning stages to the day of, Eyal and The One Up Group was so flexible, knowledgeable, professional and put us at ease! With events going completely virtual, all the control was out of our hands and Eyal and the One Up group completely took the weight off our shoulders! We HIGHLY recommend the One Up Group for any virtual event!!   


Esther Min  

Director of Programs 

Unlikely Heroes






Thank you very much for the amazing virtual event, it was fabulous. You’re the best, thank you very very much! The One Up Group, specifically Eyal Simko, is professional and kind. We look forward to working with Eyal again and we would also recommend The One Up Group to anyone at all, they are great!


Susie Spain, Founder

Angels at Risk