5 Tips to Increase Virtual Engagement

Virtual Cr8tive_ 5 tips to increase virtual engagement

Virtual events are not going anywhere and there is no better time learn a few fun and engaging tricks to have up your sleeve for your next client. The goal with any event is to create as much traction and user engagement as possible, and this is even more pertinent in the virtual events space. Nowadays, attendees are spending a lot fo time online, in zoom meetings, virtual events, and social media, so capitalizing on their screen time is becoming more challenging. Below are 5 simple tricks you can incorporate on your next event to gain more engagement.

Hashtag walls are an excellent way to encourage participants to interact with your event or brand hashtag that will ultimately create more traction for both your online event and your brand. It also doubles as a great marketing initiative for post event social traction.

Spotify Playlist – Who doesn’t love music?!? Allowing your participants to curate their favorite playlist during your event, is a wonderful way to create engagement opportunities for them to be heard and contribute to your event’s success. Having a DJ to play these song requests during breaks or networking sessions is a nice touch as well.

Digital scavenger is an excellent and simple gamification element you can incorporate on your next event that can generate a lot of engagement with your entire platform and all the initiatives you are executing. Having giveaways and prizes to encourage participation is always a smart decision.

Similar to radio shows who have giveaways to the 100th caller, incorporating giveaways to specific registrants is a great way to encourage people to sign up to your event.

In addition to your hashtag wall, encouraging your attendees to share pre-marketing materials of the event on their social media is another great tool & metric you can utilize to gain traction and brand ambassadors.

There are no right and wrong ways to execute a virtual event, however, there are effective ways to capitalize on momentum, increase participation and engagement, and build a stronger community full of brand ambassadors ready to promote your next event.

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