Hybrid Event Hacks

Virtual Cr8tive - Hybrid Event Hacks

As we transition to hybrid events and begin to plan for in person attendees with a virtual parallel, your strategy needs to change in order to accommodate both types of participants. Treating a hybrid event like two completely separate events is how you need to approach hybrid event planning. The key is understanding how to bridge the gap to create a seamless ecosystem for everyone who engages with the event.

The key to a successful hybrid event is to equip your virtual attendees with the essence of presence. Utilizing stage design, LED video walls, and video conferencing tools, you can beam in virtual attendees to be on stage, be part of the audience, and harmoniously connect live attendees with virtual. This way, virtual attendees can be seen, heard, and participate like an in-person attendee. The key is to have dedicated moderators for each parallel to ensure there is a representative from both sides encouraging participation.

Incentivizing virtual attendees to buy into your event requires some thoughtful value propositions that rely on exclusivity. Offering exclusive behind the scenes access or providing a 20 min intimate and interactive meet & greet with keynote speakers, something in-person attendees wouldn’t normally have access to can be a great method to grow your registration list.

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